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KAM Episode: Kung Ayaw Mo... maging happy si jowa

Kung Ayaw Mo

Many young people today do not want to be told what to do. So the program instead focuses on the consequences of wrong choices or wrong decisions - and presenting a better alternative to them: wisdom from the Bible.

  • Feature: mahanap si right one 

  • feature: mahanap ang forever

  • feature: approval ng jowa 

Kung Ayaw Mo...mahanap si the Right One

'Lika samahan natin sina Nikka and Siah pag- usapan 'yong mga ibang ways para mahanap natin si Mr. o kaya naman si Ms. Right... pero 'yun eh... Kung Gusto Mo...

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Reverse Psychology and KAM

During the process of coming up with Kung Ayaw Mo, we wanted to catch the attention of the youth, and with the advent of short videos that are random and endless in nature, we felt the need to share the Good News to them through this platform. 

We thought that the dedication to social media has given birth to a generation that are not thrilled when they're told what to do, so we came up with 'Kung Ayaw Mo...'. 

It's short, it's telling you what to do but isn't (?), makes you wonder, and is full of Biblical wisdom.

What more can you ask for?

Kung Ayaw Mo on YouTube

Kung Ayaw Mo has a longer, explained version of the videos uploaded on TikTok in its YouTube account. It features very meaningful discussions about life, love, and various topics fit for the modern generation. Go check it out!

Do you want materials to use for your church?

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