Reaching Filipinos 

with God's Word through Media, 

wherever they are in the world.

We are a Regional Center of Good News Productions, Int’l based in Joplin, Missouri, USA.

We produce video materials that talk about Jesus Christ and His love, the grace and abundant life that He offers. Our materials are specially made for Filipinos, kahit saan sila naroroon.

Gawang Pinoy para sa kapwa Pinoy!

bringing lives

with the help of media
one Filipino at a time

Our Active Projects 

We are committed to producing culturally-relevant materials that proclaim the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Asa Ka Pa!

Asa Ka Pa! aims to give you hope through a video devotion and Bible verse for each day. Produced in the Filipino language, AKP! is hosted by Kuya Jebo Banzuelo.

Customers served! 35000 Followers

Faith Matters, too!

Faith Matters, too! is your resource for daily encouragement. FMt! is produced in the English language and is hosted by Kuya Caloy Dino.

Customers served! 35000 Followers

Say It Forward Exclusives

Say It Forward Exclusives features ordinary men and women who learned extraordinary lessons from their life experiences. We hope you will be encouraged by their insightful talks!

Customers served! 35000 Followers

Asa Ka Pa! celebrates

its 1000th episode

Asa Ka Pa celebrates its 1000th episode with a new format. In the past episodes, Kuya Jebo is seen in a signature position on a monochromatic set, but now we have made the set more contemporary! This way, we can identify more with Kuya Jebo in shirt and blue jeans communicating about gospel truths and practical issues about life. Full episodes on Facebook, YouTube and TikTok!

Faith Matters, too!

on Voters' Education

The Philippines has just concluded the elections that sit a new administration in May of 2022. Kuya Caloy comes back to share about the noble principles of love for God and love for country in a limited edition, 21 episode series! You can check it out here.

Mainipin ka ba? Minsan ba, naiisip mong sana lumaki na agad ang mga anak mo para magawa mo na rin ang gusto mo?

Bilang stay-at-home mom, feeling ni Glaiza Banzuelo ay di na matatapos ang pagpupuyat at pagpapalaki sa kanyang dalawang anak. Sa pag-aalaga sa kanila, may mga nadiskubre at natutunan si Glaiza tungkol sa panahong kasama pa ang mga bata. O nood na, ano man ang kalagayan mo sa buhay, kasi tiyak na magiging challenge sa iyo ang na-share ni Glaiza dito!

Kung Ayaw Mo is on Tiktok

Wisdom from the Bible in small, digestable forms. Made by the Young for the Young!

The Unchanging Gospel through Media

We are happy to see you here, and we hope that you will enjoy getting to know us too!

Though members of our team come from different churches and denominations, we work together toward one common goal - to share Jesus through media. And as you explore our website, we hope you can find videos that you can use for your personal devotions or quiet time, or for group Bible study, or even when you just want to reach out and encourage a friend.

We can offer you help on how to use our materials  for discipleship groups, whether you want to grow deeper in your walk with God or you are just new in your faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.

Nenette Pacoli

GNPI Philippines Regional Director

GNPI Philippines Media

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