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We are GNPI Philippines.

Welcome to our website. We are part of Good News Productions, International, which was founded by Ziden and Helen Nutt.

Good News Productions International is a global ministry, with Regional Centers in strategic parts of the world.

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Why GNPI Works

Nenette has been partnering with GNPI in Manila, Philippines as regional director since 1998. She is committed to accelerating global evangelism in the Philippines through whatever means possible. She and her crew have been producing a weekly television show Asin at Ilaw (Salt and Light) since 1994 -- even before there was a regional center.

Time Out with the Chairman

Pastor Efren Nola serves as Chairman of the Board of GNPI-Philippines. He is thankful to the Lord for the privilege of serving in this ministry. He shares how he has been blessed as chairman and gives an overview of the current productions.


GNPI + U = World Evangelism

With more than 7 billion people in the world, the task Jesus gave His Church to reach the lost is growing exponentially!

Missions & Outreach

We want to reach Filipinos with God’s love,
wherever they are in the world.

  • nomad training

  • film production class

  • outreaches

NOMAD Training 2017 with Mark Allen

The Staff of GNPI Philippines

Here are some of our staff at GNPI Philippines! 

In development as we are still trying to find snaps of those who prefer to be behind the cameras. ☻

We believe that media materials that tell of God’s love

should be excellent and culturally relevant.


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