Faith Matters Too


   Hosted by Kuya Caloy Diño 

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FMT 790 Press On
FMT 789 New Song
FMT 788 New Thing
FMT 787 Beautiful In Its Time
FMT 786 Everything has A Season
FMT 785 Sealed with The Spirit
FMT 784 Inheritance Assured
FMT 783 Riches Of Grace
FMT 782 Child Of God
FMT 781 Spiritually Blessed
FMT 780 Friend Of Jesus
FMT 779 A Future And A Hope
FMT 778 Known Before Birth
FMT 777 Beautiful In His Eyes
FMT 776 Image of God
FMT 775 Babae Na Sugarol Pa
FMT 774 Free will Vs God's Will
FMT 773 Bulag at Bingi Ba Ang Diyos
FMT 772 Walang Tibay Na Maasahan
FMT 771 See You In Heaven Doggie
FMT 770 #PushMoYanTeh
FMT 769 #SaktoLang
FMT 768#WalwalanNA
FMT 767 #BahalanasiBatman
FMT 766 #EdiWow
FMT 765 #Right Relationship With God's Creation
FMT 764 #Right Relationship With Enemies
FMT 763 Right Relationship With Neighbours
FMT 762 Right Relationship With Self
FMT 761 Right Relationship With God
FMT 760 Inako Ni Kuya
FMT 759 May Pag Asa Pa Ba
FMT 758 Left All Alone
FMT 757 Prosperity Nga Lang Ba
FMT 756 Dahil Kay Tatay
FMT 755  Ok Lang Ako
FMT 754 Hindi maka Intindi
FMT 753 Hindi Puwede and Puwede Na
FMT 752 Swerte Swerte Lang Ba
FMT 751 Filipino Time
FMT 750 Masayang Pinoy
FMT 749 Filipino Extended Family
FMT 748 Filipino Resilience
FMT 747 Filipino Hospitality
FMT 746 Filipino Love For Music
FMT 745 Nasirang Tiwala
FMT 744 Sapat Na Ba Ang Text Lang
FMT 743 Tinalikuran Ni Lolo at Lola
FMT 742  Si Mister ang Treasurer
FMT 741 Very Expensive Pots and Pans
FMT 740 Grace in Marriage
FMT 739 Grace To Do Good Work
FMT 738 Grace To Endure
FMT 737 Grace To Forgive
FMT 736 What Is This Amazing Grace
FMT 735 Unrequited Love
FMT 734  Long Distance Relationship
FMT 733 Moving On
FMT 732 Friendzoned
FMT 731 Why Am i Still Single
FMT 730 Written Prayer
FMT 729 In A Prayer Rut
FMT 728 Fake Prayer
FMT 727 Prayer In Private
FMT 726 Friend Of God
FMT 725 My Husband Likes Other Men
FMT 724 Aasa pa ba Ako?
FMT 723 Nauna Naman Siya
FMT 722 Garapalan Na
FMT 721  My Work and God
FMT 720 Failures Have A Purpose
FMT 719 Thank God for Failures
FMT 718 Failures Can Be Successes
FMT 717 Failures Make Us Strong
FMT 716 When we Fail
FMT 715 Focus On Prayer
FMT 714 Focus On The Right Perspective
FMT 713 Focus On Doing Well
FMT 712 Focus On Your Gifts
FMT 711 Focus On Your Vision
FMT 710 May ka Chat Si Mister
FMT 709  Servant sa Simbahan si Mistress
FMT 708 Kasing Bilis ng Kidlat
FMT 707 Bakit Niya Ako Iniwan
FMT 706 Nasaan Ang Hustisya
FMT 705 Surely Goodness and Mercy
FMT 704 In The Presence of Enemies
FMT 703 Fear No Evil
FMT 702  Soul Restored
FMT 701 I Shall Not Want
FMT 700 Masayang Pinoy

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