Say It Forward Exclusives features ordinary men and women 

who learned extraordinary lessons from their life experiences.

We hope you will be encouraged by their insightful talks!

Introducing Say It Forward in 2015

What to Know about 'Say It Forward'

SAY IT FORWARD is inspired by the term "Pay It Forward" which means "responding to a person's kindness to oneself by being kind to someone else." 

SAY IT FORWARD then, is passing on wisdom learned from life experiences-so others may learn and be encouraged.

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Present Ba o

Present Lang?

Kaligayahan ni Glaiza Banzuelo na maging stay-at-home mom at masaya niyang ginagawa ang lahat ng mga household chores, pati na ang pag-aalaga sa mga bata. Pero nagulat siya nang malaman niyang hindi pala masaya ang anak niya, kahit na magkasama sila sa bahay!

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How Say It Forward Came to Life

In the course of interviewing resource persons for one of our projects WWJD, we met men and women who are well-respected and knowledgeable in their fields.  We found that they have a wealth of insights that are worth sharing online, but they do not have the means, resources or time to make these videos.  So we thought that preserving their experiences and sharing these would help people a lot – and counter the various negative, wrong, false information that is so widespread online.  

In a sense, it is like offering a Christian TED Talks, and providing an avenue for Christian experts to air their learnings / insights in their respective fields.

Knowledge, Insights, and Learnings Passed On

SAY IT FORWARD EXCLUSIVES features talks of people from all generations from all walks of life, for each of us has a story to tell. 

The project aims to inspire with solid Biblical principles and the good old-fashioned values we’ve always lived by - like love, faith, hope, integrity, peace, kindness, family, etc.. Though our times may be changing, these are Truths that will never ever change.

Say It Forward Development

When March 2020 arrived and it was not possible to do our talks in a huge auditorium, we prayed to God for direction, and we came up with Say It Forward Exclusives. The same type of content, same well-versed experts, but made more personal and identifiable.

Truly the Lord works in miraculous ways!

SIF Ex: Losing a Loved One by Darlene Flores


We enjoy listening to Say It Forward! Maraming salamat!

Elma Brown

from SIF comments

There are a lot of things to learn in Say It Forward Exclusives. So much to think about from all the talks, and it always gives encouragement, lalo na sa mga taong katulad ko na mahilig makinig sa mga experiences ng ibang tao, where I could derive lessons to help me in life. Thank you Lord for SIF!

Nicole Abundo

From personal messages

Source of wisdom and inspiration.

Olga Nicolas

From SIF Ex fb reviews

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