WWJD on Finding the Right One: "Siya Na Nga Ba?"


Over 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ walked on this earth. Although He was God, He lived like a man: He ate, slept, suffered, rejoiced like any man. Yet, He remained without sin, and He left many principles and insights for other people to live by – even up to this day.

WWJD is a 30-minute video documentary project that aims to show how Jesus’ teachings are as relevant today as they were when He first taught them. It aims to connect these teachings to issues confronting our society at every level. 

The Global Gospel in Tagalog

The Global Gospel

The Global Gospel (TGG) is a series of 107 short videos about the life of Jesus that is currently available in over 40 languages. People all over the world are using social media to share the love of Jesus. GNPI has created this project to make it easier.

Asin at Ilaw: Giving Money to the Church

Asin At Ilaw

Asin at Ilaw is based on the admonition found in Matthew 5:13-16, for the followers of Jesus Christ to be the “salt of the earth” and “light of the world”. Weekly lessons focus on doctrinal issues, marriage and family life, ethics and Christian living, forgiveness, parent-child relationships, even old age and singleness.

 The program features Bible Study lessons by Bro. Mel Maldupana, and segments that include Changed Lives, One-on-One interviews, and Q & A with Bro. Jonathan Orillaza and Bro. Roger Miguel. Special numbers from various church choirs and groups spice up each episode.

The program ran from 1994 to 2011.

My Worship: Real or Replacement

Who or what takes first place in a person's heart? Is it enough to read the Bible passionately, pray fervently and go to church regularly, so therefore say "I have no idols in my life"? Why do people need to be able to 'touch' and 'feel' God physically?

This three-part video Bible-Study series - designed for small groups - will help individuals examine their hearts as they learn to truly worship God, in Spirit and in Truth.

ICVM 2015: Crown Awards

My Worship: Real or Replacement was awarded by the International Christian Visual Media the Silver Crown Award for Best Curriculum, and the Bronze Crown Award for Best International Film, recognizing its content created to reflect Christian values in a secular world.

All Things New

"All Things New - The Movie" is the true story of the radically changed lives of four street kids in the Philippines. What is really unique is how God transformed the kids, in spite of their mistrust and personal pain, and uses them to minister to the adults who are trying to help them.

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