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We compiled GNPI videos for you to know us better. 

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What is GNPI?

When we are asked what GNPI does, the answer is strategic evangelism. While that is the main goal, it gets played out in many different ways: Training, Translation, Tools, Social Justice, Discipleship, Media Production.


Open House

 Meet the many people around the world that make GNPI awesome as we feature where they do our ministry.


Prayerfully Connected

The GNPI ministry partners from all over the world joined together for a special prayer time.

Faith > Fear: Caloy Dino

The Filipino people are not out of the woods when it comes to COVID-19, but they certainly know how to lighten the darkness of troubling times. Learn more from Pastor Caloy Diño in Manila.


We are GNPI

Check out to learn more about us, what we do, and what you can do to help us in this ministry for our Lord Jesus!

Regional Directors on 100 Lights

Find more information here:


Mapping Out GNPI

Consider this overview of the worldwide influence of the ministry of GNPI.

A Remarkable Network

A group of 25 GNPI leaders gathered for the 2017 International Meeting in Damoh, India, for a time of reporting, fellowship, and prayer.


Tribute to Mark Allen

This video highlights the work of Project Nomad Coordinator Mark Allen from 2015-2017.

You will always be remembered, Mark.

GNPI Kids Live

Nenette Pacoli who works with GNPI-Philippines will chat with Rocky today. She heads up the studio in Manila, Philippines and will share what life is like there -- food, transportation, and even what kids do for fun in that country. 


GNPI Banquet

Bob Sartoris tells how a video produced by GNPI in the Philippines is reaching kids.

All Things New for Hannah

The episode of "Around The Network" tells how the Lord used an older GNPI movie to bring new hope and reconciliation to one family in the Philippines.



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